Interested in becoming a member of our staff? Great! Here is some information that you might consider helpful!

First, here is a little bit of information about us.
Center Cinemas has been a family owned operation since 1991. We operate movie theaters in Vinita, Grove, and Pryor, Oklahoma, and Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Everyone shares a wide variety of jobs at the Center Cinemas.
If you are successful in your application for employment, you will be assigned a specific job every time you work a shift. However, you will likely find yourself doing a wide variety of tasks each time you work. You might sell tickets, but have to help a customer at the concession stand, or help clean an auditorium between shows.

We cross train most of our employees so that you can do various jobs.
It is never boring working at a movie theater!

We are open 365 Days a year.
In fact, many traditional holidays are the busiest times of the year for us. Weekends are as well. We want everyone to enjoy holidays and weekends, but when working for a movie theater, you must be prepared to work some of those days. You will usually find that we can be very flexible with our work schedule.

We offer great service and a great time to our customers!
You must be able to leave personal problems and conflicts at home during your shift. Our customers are here to enjoy themselves, and it is our responsibility to make sure that they do.

For our part time jobs, we are happy to employ students, retirees, and those with full time jobs.
We will do everything that we can, within reason, to accomodate a wide variety of schedules. It is important during your interview that you let the manager know about any conflicts that may affect your ability to perform your duties.

Employees receive free admission to movies and free popcorn and soft drinks! This does not include friends or family.
All applicants must be at least sixteen years of age or older at the time of hire.

To Apply:
Please print and complete this application, then return the completed form to your desired location of employment.